Meet Bozzy.

Your on-demand family assistant. 

Tired of having to do it all? 

Now you don't have to...

Bozzy is an app based on-demand virtual assistant that will offload your daily personal, family, and household responsibilities.


Never forget your must-do's again. Message Bozzy whenever something comes to mind that you need to get done and we'll remind you at the right time.

Family Delegation

Are you tired of always having to remind your family what to get done? Let Bozzy do the nagging for you! 

Calendar Management

Bozzy can help you manage your calendar so that nothing falls through the cracks!


Instead of going through the hassle of online ordering, let Bozzy do the leg work. Simply message us with what you need and we'll get it to your door.


Have you spent hours browsing online reviews and never ending options? Bozzy will do the research for you and send you curated results to minimize your decision fatigue and maximize your time.

Appointments & Reservations

No need to waste time calling around to make appointments or reservations. Bozzy can take care of that for you!

Your time is valuable.

Spend it being present with your family and

doing the things you love.

Let Bozzy take care of the rest.


Reduce your mental load. Get Bozzy!

There are a hundred little things you have to do throughout the day. For Bozzy to be able to take care of even a few of them is incredible.״ 

Maria B.

Working Mom

Bozzy saves not only time, but also the decision fatigue of having to deal with tasks. It was so helpful to have the decision made and have the options laid out in front of me.״ 

Richard T.

Working Dad

As soon as I text something to Bozzy, it truly feels like it is offloaded. It frees up my headspace.״ 

Brandy R.

Working Mom