Your Family Assistant

Bozzy is an on-demand family assistant service for busy families to outsource daily family and household tasks.

Life's Busy, Get Bozzy!


Think of it.

Message it.

We'll get it done.

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Meal Planning

  • Finding recipes for special diets

  • Creating grocery lists for a meal plan

  • Finding kid friendly meal delivery services

  • Advice on how to get kids to eat healthy foods

  • Options for great one-pan meals

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Maria B.

There are a hundred little things you have to do throughout the day. For Bozzy to be able to take care of even a few of them is incredible.״ 

Working from Home

Wendy M.

As soon as I send something to Bozzy, it truly feels like it is offloaded. It frees up my headspace.״ 

Robert T.

Bozzy saves not only time, but also the decision fatigue of dealing with tasks. It was so helpful to have the options laid out in front of me.״